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Welcome to the ColCart Inc web site specializing in collectors cartridges and obsolete ammunition. The files shown below list a wide range of cartridges for sale as single specimens.  All  items listed are sold as collectors items only, they are not guaranteed to shoot or be safe to shoot unless specifically stated in their description.   Everything listed is assumed to be original factory or arsenal loads unless described otherwise.

Ordering information:  When ordering by mail or FAX, duplicate the page involved and indicate the item you need with a check mark, underlining or highlighting. If you have E-Mail capability you may want to use that. Due to the increase in shipping material cost there is now a minimum $10.00 order charge.

Please understand that stock availability  and prices shown will change due to items being sold, replacement opportunity  and cost .  Watch update times shown to keep information current.   Payment in U.S. funds ONLY.

New customers: Payment should be by money order or cashiers check made out to MY NAME only along with your order.  Payment made out to ColCart will NOT be honored by my bank.  Be sure to include enough to cover shipping by UPS. I will refund any overpayment. I charge only actual UPS cost, no “handling” charge.   New customers, a drivers license or FFL copy MUST accompany payment.   ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS MUST SEND A COPY OF THEIR F.O.I.D. CARD  WITH EACH ORDER    Indiana residents pay 7% sales tax.


Shipping address:   I need an actual home or business address (CITY and ZIP code) to ship to, U.P.S. will not ship to a P.O. box.  No shipments outside the lower 48 states, or overseas. Period.        

Descriptions:  Consider every cartridge case to be brass unless otherwise noted.  What ever different from brass will be spelled out.  Bullet weights will be indicated if known from the original boxes. Consider all head stamps to be impressed, if raised I'll say so. If anything has been cleaned or restored somewhere along the way I'll let you know, if I know.  If you need further definition please call.  Consider all items as a factory loading unless otherwise noted. If you need specific item description feel free to ask.

IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO MY ELECTRONIC MAILING LIST SEND ME YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS TO RECEIVE FREE PERIODIC UPDATES. (Short lists)                                                                                   

For obsolete & collectible ammo in original boxes visit Ray Giles’ website:

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American - British Pistol 0-40 Cal


American - British Pistol 41-70 Cal

Metric Pistol

American C.F. Rifle 0-40 cal

Rimfire, Inch & Metric

American C.F. Rifle 41-70 cal

Ongoing Short list

British C.F. Rifle 0-369 cal

Metric C.F. Rifle 0 -7.6mm

British C.F. Rifle 370-70 cal

Metric C.F. Rifle 7.7 - 1.5mm

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